Roles & Duties Of An Executor

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Duties Of An Executor Of A Will

As executor of a will, you have significant responsibilities regarding property and possessions within a deceased estate. Fulfilling these responsibilities is vitally important. As a result, assuming the role of executor can be quite daunting for some. One of your foremost duties as executor is to maintain the value of assets. In essence, this means that you must ensure that property or key possessions do not fall into a state of disrepair. If you are selling the property or key possessions, you must do so for a fair market value, with records to validate this. At Property Clearance, we can help with your duties as an executor. We routinely assist clients in fulfilling their many responsibilities as executors. We offer comprehensive services and advice to ensure that the value of property and possessions is maintained.

We Offer Assistance With Your Executor Duties

If you have recently assumed the role of executor of a will, then get in touch with us. We understand that performing the duties of an executor of a will and fulfilling your many obligations can be daunting. That is why we offer a wide range of services aimed at assisting executors. You can contact us through our website and arrange a 15-30 minute phone consultation. Following this, we will provide you with a fixed-fee quote and a complete service outline within twenty-four hours.

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What Does An Executor Do?

The responsibilities that come with being an executor of a will carry both obligations and risks. Here at Property Clearance, we can help mitigate these risks through assistance and support for executors. We offer two services of direct relevance to you as an executor. Firstly, we will implement a property maintenance program to ensure that the property is secure and the value of the property is maintained in full, throughout the probate and sales process which can take 6 months or more. For example, we recommend that you speak with the property insurer as soon as possible. It is important to do this, so that you can maintain cover with the changes to principal resident and its status as potentially vacant. Paying the premium does not always ensure that it is covered.

Secondly, we offer a detailed catalogue of key possessions, valuations if required, as well as complete records of their management through the clearance and disposal process. These documents will outline whether key items were sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of. It is also important to establish which items are to be set aside under ‘specific gifts’ as outlined in the will itself. Our services are aimed at:

  • Helping you meet your obligations as executor
  • Maintaining the value of the deceased estate and related possessions.
  • Providing respectful and supportive service
  • Recovery of records from the home such as account details from financial institutions and proof of ownership of items such as a vehicle
  • Assistance with the maintenance of records relating to the property and key possessions

The Role of an Executor: Property Clearance Can Help

As the executor of a will, you want to ensure that you fulfil your responsibilities completely and in a manner that is beyond question. At Property Clearance, we can provide you with significant assistance in this respect. Maintaining the value of the possessions within the deceased estate requires a combination of valuation services, record keeping and security. We have all the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that these services are administered effectively.

1Property maintenance to preserve value

Ensuring that the property of your loved one does not fall into disrepair is one of your responsibilities as executor of the will. Specifically you must ensure that they do not fall in value, so that you can sell them for a fair market price if you choose to sell. At Property Clearance, we can help you meet this obligation. We routinely maintain properties for our clients throughout the process of granting probate and selling the home. To do this, we develop a maintenance program, which attends to areas within the home and its surrounds that require ongoing maintenance.

2Respectful deceased estate clearance services

At Property Clearance, we are of the firm belief that the disposal of possessions within a deceased estate must be handled with respect for those who have passed. In addition to this, however, it must also be managed in a way that ensures that the property is sold for fair market value. Balancing these two factors is of paramount importance to us. All of our services are completed compassionately and professionally, to ensure a fair and responsible outcome.

3Transparent and detailed records of the process

Another one of your responsibilities as executor of a will is to clearly document how key items are disposed of from the estate. At Property Clearance, we keep complete records and validation of sale and disposal for all key items we manage. We make sure that there is clear and detailed reports of every step in the house clearance process. This is important, as it helps mitigate risks that come with the role as an executor.

Common Duties Of Executor Questions

Are there any traps or mistakes that you can help me avoid as part of my executor duties?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

At Property Clearance, we recommend that you contact us as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. We have a great deal of experience working with clients who have recently assumed the role of executor of a will. This means that we can draw on our extensive experience for your benefit. Our team is on standby to help guide you through the issues relating to any property or key possessions held within an estate. Of course we highly recommend you seek the advice of a suitably qualified legal representative also, we can assist with a referral if needed.

If you contact us through our website, we can organise to hold a phone consultation with you. This usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. During this conversation, we can discuss your situation and provide you with advice. Within twenty-four hours of our phone meeting, we will provide you with a fixed-fee quote and a detailed service outline. This will include a maintenance plan to keep your loved one’s property in good condition while the probate process continues. This will help make sure that you fulfil your duty as an executor to maintain the value of the property.

The possessions we do not want to retain were important to my loved one and it doesn’t feel right to throw them away. Can you help?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

At Property Clearance, we understand that this period is likely to present an emotional challenge as you fulfil your executor role. We firmly believe in respecting the memory and legacy of those who have passed. Because of this, we have a respectful and professional approach to removing items from a deceased estate. We recognise that, although it is not practical to retain all possessions, throwing them away sometimes doesn’t feel right. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that they are passed on to others who will value them. To do this, we have on-sale, donation, recycling and repurposing programs. This takes possessions that you do not have the means to keep, and ensures that they are made available to others who will value them.

As executor, I am anxious to fulfil my responsibilities and obligations — can you help?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

At Property Clearance, we are familiar with the role of executor of a will. We are also aware of the difficulties and risks that are often associate with this role. As a result, our services are structured to ensure that we help you maintain the value of the property and its possessions, on behalf of the estate. We operate with an aim to maintain the fair market value of your loved one’s home. To do this, we will work with you to develop a clear maintenance program. This will both identify and address areas of the home and property that require ongoing upkeep or repairs. In addition to this, we always keep detailed and complete records of all key items that we dispose of on behalf of the estate. This has proven to be of significant assistance to ensure our clients meet their obligations as an executor.