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House Clearance & Deceased Estate Gold Coast Services

Looking for property clearance services on the Gold Coast? With attention to detail, sensitivity and respect, we professionally assist you to manage your or your loved one’s estate and belongings during major life transitions.

At Property Clearance, we have the expertise to clear, clean, fix, style and prepare all aspects of your Gold Coast property for sale. All of our services are customisable and tailored to your unique needs.

We provide a complete property clearance solution for your Gold Coast property, everything from:

  • Collecting items of sentimental value
  • Selling items on your behalf
  • Organising storage of items
  • Distributing items to family members
  • Donating items to local charities
  • Professionally cleaning your property
  • Removing rubbish and unwanted items
  • Preparing the property for the market
  • Organising a Real Estate Agent
  • Performing maintenance on the property
  • Indoor and outdoor painting in preparation for sale
  • Tidying and landscaping the garden
  • Maximising the sale or rental value of your Gold Coast property

The Deceased Estate Gold Coast Experts

Managing the passing of a loved one is without a doubt a difficult process. Here at Property Clearance, we understand the unique emotional and practical challenges that arise when seeking to organise the clearance of an estate following the death of a loved one. If you are grieving a recent loss or looking to clear and sell a Gold Coast deceased estate, we can help you honour your loved one with dignity and ease the emotional burden by respectfully organising their possessions for you.

Many of our clients feel overwhelmed when presented with the formidable physical and emotional task of clearing and selling a loved one’s estate. Our deceased estate Gold Coast team is experienced in undertaking this task with sensitivity, compassion and professionalism. We understand that each circumstance is unique and accordingly develop a personalised solution to suit you and your family’s exact needs.

We can sensitively manage your loved one’s belongings and property clearance on your behalf, everything from helping you identify items of personal value to keep and arranging to sell financially valuable items on request to tidying and making cosmetic changes to the home in preparation for sale. We are here to support you emotionally throughout and you are free to choose how much you want to engage with the process.

House Clearance Gold Coast Professionals

Are your elderly parents, a family member or even a close friend moving into long-term care? It can feel daunting to organise and declutter a home for sale. Trying to complete this house clearance process by yourself can prove emotionally and physically taxing. At Property Clearance, we make this process easier for you by delivering expert house clearance Gold Coast services.

Our services are based on empathy, compassion and understanding. We provide supportive and practical assistance in all aspects of the home clearance process, taking a respectful, consultative approach to sorting your family’s possessions, performing maintenance or renovating the family home, and readying the property for sale.

Decluttering & Furniture Clearance Gold Coast

If you or a loved one is downsizing their Gold Coast house to move into retirement living or an assisted living arrangement, decluttering is an important step. Property Clearance offers useful decluttering and furniture clearance Gold Coast services to make your life easier. As a part of our service, we help owners identify sentimentally and financially valuable items. We also sell, recycle or donate any unwanted possessions on your behalf. Ultimately, this gives you and your loved ones the freedom to downsize to a more minimalist lifestyle.

Common House Clearance Gold Coast Questions

Can some family members and I clear some of the property ourselves?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

We do not recommend attempting to move the contents of your estate yourselves. Occasionally, some clients will request to move property themselves in an effort to save money. This is usually not a worthwhile endeavour because the amount of money saved is negligible compared to considerable effort, time and frustration of managing the logistics. Our equipment and experience allows us to move large amounts of property much more efficiently. In some cases, we can move as much property in two hours as you might be able to move in an entire day.

I suspect there might be items of value inside my Gold Coast property, but I have not been able to find them. Can you help?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

When we perform property clearances, including Gold Coast estate clearances, we thoroughly sort through all items in the house. We have strict ethical guidelines in place to protect and manage our client’s possessions. Due to our meticulous approach, we often discover items of financial or sentimental value, such as jewellery, fine art or antiques. If we uncover any items of potential financial or sentimental value, we will let you know and return these items to you promptly. From there, it is simply a matter of deciding whether you would like to keep the item. Alternatively, we can arrange to sell or donate it on your behalf.