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House Declutter & Deceased Estate Melbourne Services

#1 Long-Term Care Transition – Declutter Melbourne

Often, house clearances occur when your parents or family members move into long-term care, pass away or are long longer in a position to reside in their home This is likely to be quite an emotional time for you and your family. On top of that, you are faced with the responsibility of a house clearance or to declutter the property ready for sale or rental. This is where Property Clearance can assist you. At Property Clearance, we offer respectful and professional house clearance and decluttering services. We can also clear up external properties, warehouses and garages. We tailor our services to meet you circumstances and you are free to choose the extent to which you are involved at the property.

#2 Deceased Estate Clearance Melbourne

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, managing their estate can feel overwhelming. At Property Clearance, we know the emotional and logistical challenges associated with deceased estate clearances. That is why we offer a wide range of personalised estate clearance Melbourne wide. Our team will work closely with you to take the burden of responsibility and assist you through the process of clearing and preparing a property for the sales or rental market, should you require.

Looking For Help To Declutter A House Or With Deceased Estate Clearance Melbourne?

Contact us for respectful and professional deceased estate clearances, furniture clearances and house clearances in and around Melbourne. Instead of continuing to search online for terms like ‘Deceased Estate Melbourne’, ‘Estate Clearance Melbourne’, ‘Deceased Estate Clearance Melbourne’, ‘Declutter Melbourne’ or ‘House Clearance Melbourne’, get in touch and we can work out your priorities together. Our team is experienced in dealing with these situations and we always place the needs of our clients above all else. Overall, our aim is to reduce the stress on you during what is often a difficult and overwhelming time for you and your family. If you contact us now, you will have a complete service outline and fixed fee quote within 24 hours. For more information on estate clearances Melbourne wide, watch our short video.

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The Deceased Estate Melbourne Specialists

As the executor of an estate, there are many situations in which you can be called on to manage a loved one’s property. The most common of these are when a loved one passes, or moves into long-term care. No doubt this will be a very emotional time for you and your family. At Property Clearance, we recognise this. The logistical challenges, when combined with the grief you are feeling, can make any estate clearance hard for you. That is why we offer complete, end-to-end Melbourne house clearance services for family homes. The team at Property Clearance can help manage deceased estate clearances, decluttering and general house clearances across Melbourne.

Estate clearance is a broad term that basically refers to the steps involved in managing a loved one’s property after they pass or move into long-term care, or who are in no position to continue residing at the property. These steps vary depending on the exact nature of each individual situation. At Property Clearance, we can manage all Melbourne estate clearances in a personalised and compassionate manner to suit you and your family’s needs. We can declutter furniture and possessions to completely empty out the house. We can arrange for the disposal of any unwanted items. This even includes hazardous household materials and confidential documents or records that require to be professionally destroyed. In addition, we can organise for the maintenance and cleaning of the property. Our team will also organise any repairs or renovations that are necessary, in close consultation with you. We offer complete estate clearance services, including:

  • Preparing houses for sale
  • Managing properties
  • Dealing with Real Estate Agents
  • Managing an entire estate clearance on your behalf

Our Approach: Estate Clearance Melbourne

There are different circumstances surrounding every estate clearance in Melbourne. At Property Clearance, we are aware that everyone has different needs and requirements, whether it relates to decluttering, house clearances or deceased estate clearances. To meet your needs in a personalised manner, we like to discuss you situation with you in detail. This helps us in developing a targeted service approach, which is outlined in our process.

1Schedule in a phone call to discuss your needs

If you feel as though you need help with estate clearances of any description, then contact us. The first thing we will do is organise a time to have a detailed phone discussion of your needs and requirements. For your convenience, we like to do this over the phone, or we are happy to visit you individually at the property. It normally takes no longer than half an hour. This is a very important part of our process, as it allows us to get to know your exact position. Our estate clearances are built on our clients’ individual needs. To meet your needs perfectly, we take the time to listen to you and adhere to your requirements.

2Quote and service outline for your Melbourne estate clearance

Based on the information you give us, we will work out an approach to your individual situation. Our approach is centred on respectful, professional and personalised service. That means that we will listen to you during our conversation and establish a clear direction that meets your needs. Once we have worked out what has to be done, we can make an accurate assessment of the costs involved. This then allows us to make a fixed fee quote, which we will send to you within 24 hours.

3Our team will commence the house clearance on your behalf

If you confirm our service outline, then we can begin the house clearance within two weeks. To complete your house clearance, we will need complete access to the property. This will usually take around 3-5 days. During this time, we will undertake all necessary tasks including decluttering, house clearance and cleaning at the property. If you have directed us to prepare the home for the sales market or rental market, then we can normally do so within 30 days from when you confirm our services.

Common House Clearance Melbourne Questions

Can you help me look for lost items of value in among the property of the estate?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

In approximately one third of our Melbourne house clearance jobs, we uncover items of value that our clients were not aware of. During the course of our estate clearances, we sort through a lot of possessions. This means we are likely to encounter valuables that you, or your loved ones might have lost in the past. If this does occur, we will inform you promptly. We always ensure that these types of things are provided to our clients as soon as possible. The most common items of this nature that we find are jewellery, cash and antiques. We also uncover a lot of items that have sentimental value to our clients. We make sure that all of these are documented and returned to you and your family.

I am looking to save money by removing some of the items myself. Will this reduce my fee by much?2020-09-03T22:58:40+10:00

Clients often ask us if they can engage with the house clearance process with a view to saving money. We do welcome your engagement, however we suggest that you only remove items of sentimental value. Despite the effort you might put into moving many of the items yourself, you will probably find that your fee does not decrease by much at all. We are experts at estate clearance and we have a wide range of equipment and a team of professionals. This allows us to remove items far quicker that most people could. To illustrate this, it might take you and a friend as long as two days to move a few trailers full of items from a home. In comparison, we could move the same amount of items in little more than a few hours. From an economical perspective, you are better off leaving the bulk of your Melbourne house clearance to us. Our staff also have no sentimental attachments to the home so we can operate in a methodical and ordered fashion within the property.

I have been told that I must keep detailed records of everything in the estate. Will you help me with this?2020-09-03T22:58:40+10:00

At Property Clearance, we understand that you have a lot of responsibility as Executor of the Estate. We recognise that this responsibility can even feel overwhelming at times for you. That is why our services extend to meet your every need during this time. We will ensure that our team maintains an extensive record of everything that we remove from the property. This includes furniture, items of value and general possessions. You can rest assured that we will operate in a completely transparent and accountable manner. We have rigid policies in place that govern how we manage the removal of items from a deceased estate. This means that you get the benefits of record keeping, as a part of our Melbourne estate clearance services.

The home that’s part of the estate is full of items in no particular order – can you manage this?2020-09-03T22:58:40+10:00

At Property Clearance we have been conducting Melbourne estate clearances for a long period of time. Throughout our time in this line of work, we have encountered a wide variety of homes and different situations. Different homes come in considerably different conditions, which is why we offer adaptable services. Our team can deal with the possessions that remain in the home regardless of how many there are. Even if it seems disorganised to you, it will not be a problem for us. We manage all clearances with respect and compassion with each individual situation.

Will your Melbourne deceased estate clearance services be expensive?2020-09-03T22:58:40+10:00

Estate clearances vary in price depending on the specific nature of the situation. We cannot provide a definitive price without speaking to you first as we need to fully understand your requirements when it comes to clearing the property. However as a general rule, the price is roughly 0.5% to 1% of the overall property value. This is because larger properties almost always require a more extensive approach to clearance. If you would like an exact figure, then contact us. Based on a brief phone conversation, we can develop a service outline and fixed fee quote for you within 24 hours.