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Professional House Clearance & Deceased Estate Perth Services

Searching online for terms like ‘Deceased Estate Perth, ‘Estate Clearance Perth, ‘Deceased Estate Clearance Perth, ‘Declutter Perth’ or ‘House Clearance Perth’? We offer a high-quality complete property clearance solution in Perth and regional areas across Western Australia. Our professional team will help you organise and clear your loved one’s estate and belongings with compassion, conscientiousness and respect.

Property Clearance offers a range of services to assist you in getting your Perth or Western Australia property ready for sale. This includes clearing your possessions, as well as fixing and styling your property to maximise its appeal to potential buyers. Each of our services can be tailored to your unique needs.

Our services include:

  • Organising your belongings, collecting items with sentimental value and setting them aside for your review
  • Distributing items to family members
  • Selling items on your behalf
  • Donating requested items to charities
  • Professionally cleaning your property, including removal of rubbish and unwanted items
  • Preparing your property for the market
  • Organising a Real Estate Agent for you
  • Updating and fixing your property
  • Making cosmetic changes to your property, such as painting
  • Tidying and landscaping your garden
  • Maximising the sale or rental value of your Perth or Western Australia property

Looking For Help To Declutter A House Or With Deceased Estate Clearance Perth?

Contact us for assistance in deceased estate clearance, furniture clearance and house clearance in Perth and around Western Australia. Our respectful, empathetic and efficient team is dedicated to helping reduce your stress during this difficult and overwhelming time. We provide a complete service outline and fixed fee quote within 24 hours, guaranteed.

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Deceased Estate Clearance Perth and Western Australia

Many of our clients feel overwhelmed when presented with the physical and emotional task of clearing and selling a loved one’s deceased estate. If you are mourning a recent loss or need to clear and sell a deceased estate, we can help by respectfully organising their possessions on your behalf. Our team will complete this task with sensitivity and professionalism, offering as much assistance as you need. We understand that each situation is unique and tailor our solution to suit you and your family’s specific needs.

During this process, we can help you identify items with high sentimental or financial value to keep. On request, we can arrange to sell your items, as well as tidy and make cosmetic changes in preparation for sale. Our team is here to support you emotionally throughout the process and you are free to choose how involved you would like to be.

House Clearance Perth and Western Australia

Do you have a family member or even a close friend moving into long-term care? In these circumstances, organising and decluttering a home for sale can feel overwhelming — especially when that home has accumulated a lifetime of possessions. Attempting to complete this house clearance process on your own can be emotionally and physically exhausting. At Property Clearance, we make this process much simpler for you by delivering expert house clearance services in Perth.

Our house clearing services are built on empathy, compassion and understanding. We offer supportive, practical assistance throughout the house clearance process. We take a consultative, respectful approach to organising your family’s possessions, maintaining or renovating the family home, and preparing the property for sale.

Furniture Clearance Perth and Western Australia

If you or a loved one are planning to downsize your house in Perth to move into assisted or retirement living, decluttering is a vital step. Property Clearance provides decluttering and furniture clearance services to make this process much less stressful. We can also help you clear external properties, warehouses and garages. As a part of our service, we help owners identify items of high sentimental and financial value. We also work with you to sell, recycle or donate any unwanted possessions on your behalf. Ultimately, this gives you and your loved ones the freedom and flexibility to enjoy a more minimalist lifestyle.

Our Approach: Estate Clearance Perth

Each estate clearance situation is different. At Property Clearance, we are aware that everyone has different needs and requirements. To meet your needs in a personalised manner, we like to discuss your situation with you in detail. This helps us develop a customised service approach.

1Schedule a phone call to talk about your needs

If you need help with estate clearance, house clearance or decluttering, please contact us. We will set up a time to have a detailed phone discussion or arrange to visit you at your property. To meet your needs perfectly, we take time to listen to you and understand your unique requirements. The discussion, which normally takes no longer than half an hour, is an important part of our process as it allows us to tailor our services exactly to your needs.

2Receive a quote and service outline for your Perth estate clearance

Based on the information you provide, we will draft up a fixed fee quote and service outline, which we will send to you within 24 hours. This quote is based on an accurate assessment of the costs involved.

3Have our team commence the house clearance on your behalf

If you confirm our service outline, we can begin the house clearance within two weeks. To complete your house clearance, we will need complete access to the property. This will normally take around 3-5 days. During this time, we will undertake all necessary tasks, including decluttering, house clearance and cleaning. If you have directed us to prepare your home for the sales or rental market, we can normally do this within 30 days from when you confirm our services.

Common Property Clearance Perth Questions

Do you offer property clearance services outside of Perth?2020-08-12T15:35:08+10:00

Yes, we offer property clearance services throughout Western Australia, including South West WA, Central WA, Regional WA, Mandurah, Rockingham, Bunbury and Joondalup.

I think there might be items of value inside my Perth property, but I haven’t been able to locate them. Can you help?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

In approximately one third of the Perth and WA homes we assist, we uncover items of significant financial or sentimental value through our thorough search (think jewellery, fine art or antiques), which we will set aside for you. You can then assess whether you would like to keep the item. On request, we can arrange to sell or donate any items on your behalf. Rest assured, our team follows a set of strict ethical guidelines to protect our client’s possessions.

Can some family members and I clear some of the property ourselves?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

Sometimes, clients will attempt to save money by clearing and moving the entire contents of their property on their own. However, we do not recommend this as the amount of money saved is minimal compared to the tremendous effort, time and frustration of organising the logistics. Our equipment and expertise means we can move large amounts of property with high efficiency. In some cases, we can transport as much property in two hours as you might move over the course of a whole day. From a cost-saving perspective, you are better off leaving the bulk of your Perth house clearance to us.

I’ve been told that I must keep detailed records of everything in the estate. Will you help me with this?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

Property Clearance recognises that you have tremendous responsibility as Executor of the Estate, and that this may feel overwhelming at times. Our services have been developed to help ease the burden on you during this difficult time. As we undertake the task of clearing your property, our team will maintain a thorough record of everything that we remove from the property. This includes furniture, items of value and general possessions. This means that you receive the benefits of transparent and accountable record keeping as a part of our Perth estate clearance services.

The estate is quite cluttered. Will this be a problem?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

Property Clearance have been performing Perth estate clearances for a long period of time. Throughout our time in this work, we have encountered a variety of homes and different situations. Our team can deal with the possessions in the home without judgement, no matter how many there are or how disordered the house appears. Even if it appears disorganised to you, it will not be a problem for us. We manage all clearances with respect and compassion with each individual situation.

Will your Perth deceased estate clearance services be expensive?2018-11-19T15:42:34+10:00

Before providing a definite price, we need to fully understand your requirements when it comes to clearing the property. As a general rule, expect the price to be roughly 0.5% to 1% of the property value. This is a rough estimated based on the fact that larger properties usually require a more extensive approach to clearance. However, if you would like an exact figure, please contact us. Based on our brief phone conversation, we can develop a service outline and fixed fee quote for you within 24 hours.