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House Clearance & Deceased Estate Sunshine Coast Services

Are you searching for Sunshine Coast house clearance services? At Property Clearance, we offer you furniture clearance, deceased estate clearance and house clearance Sunshine Coast services.  

With professionalism and respect, Property Clearance will provide a complete solution for you. We can help you with all of the following:

  • Gathering items with sentimental value
  • Selling, donating, recycling or disposing of items on your behalf
  • Organising storage
  • Sending items to family members
  • Professionally cleaning your property, including the removal of rubbish and unwanted items
  • Organising a real estate agent for you
  • Performing property maintenance, including tidying and landscaping your garden
  • Indoor and outdoor painting in preparation for sale or renting
  • Maximising the value of your Sunshine Coast property

All of our services are tailored to your needs.

The Deceased Estate Sunshine Coast Experts

Often, people feel overwhelmed when presented with the formidable physical and emotional challenge of clearing and selling a deceased loved one’s estate. If you are grieving the death of a loved one, Property Clearance can help you honour them with dignity, respectfully manage the dispersal of their possessions, and help ease the burden during this emotionally difficult time.

With sensitivity, compassion and professionalism, our team will develop a customised deceased estate Sunshine Coast solution to suit you and your family’s needs. We aim to support you at all stages and respectfully manage your loved one’s possessions, allowing to have as much or as little involvement in the deceased estate clearance process as suits you.

Expert House Clearance Sunshine Coast

Are your elderly parents moving into long-term care? Sorting through a lifetime of possessions and organising the family home for sale or rental can be a significant challenge.

Property Clearance specialises in house clearance Sunshine Coast services – managing the complete process from start to finish. We will work closely with you to clear, clean, perform maintenance, style and prepare your property for sale, always with respect for all parties involved.

Decluttering & Furniture Clearance Sunshine Coast

Are you or a loved one downsizing your Sunshine Coast home to move into assisted or retirement living? You’ll need to consider how to declutter your home before the big move. At Property Clearance, we give you and your loved ones the opportunity to downsize to a more minimalist lifestyle with a wide range of decluttering and furniture clearance Sunshine Coast services. We regularly help Sunshine Coast homeowners sort through their household items and can act on your behalf to sell, recycle or donate any possessions you no longer wish to keep.

Common House Clearance Sunshine Coast Questions

Can some family members and I clear some of the property ourselves?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

Our Sunshine Coast estate clearance services include expert help with moving the contents of your estate. We highly recommend taking advantage of our experience and specialised equipment to streamline your moving process. If you attempt to clear the property yourselves, you may find the process time-consuming, cumbersome and not worth the small savings in cost.

I think there might be items of value in my Sunshine Coast property, but I am uncertain. Can you help?2018-11-19T15:42:35+10:00

When we perform a Sunshine Coast deceased estate clearance, we catalogue all items in the house, including valuable items with sentimental and financial value. During this process, we often uncover cash, jewellery and even antiques. We inform you of all finds and return them to you promptly. If you wish to sell these items, we can help.