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House Declutter & Deceased Estate Sydney Services

#1 Long-Term Care Transition – Declutter Sydney

House clearances are often required when either your parent or parents move into long-term care or when you experience a loss in the family. If a family member dies, one of your duties as the executor of an estate is to manage the deceased family member’s property. In these circumstances, you are responsible for decluttering and preparing the property for the sale or rental market. At Property Clearance, we offer house clearance Sydney wide and we’re here to assist you in any way we can.

#2 Deceased Estate Clearance Sydney

At Property Clearance, we want to make managing a deceased estate easier for you. We have a lot of experience clearing deceased estates and managing the property to its final stage of selling. Our clients often come to us feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility being the executor of an estate. To help, we take you through your options and establish a respectful and practical solution with regards to your duties as an Executor of a Will or with Power of Attorney.

Looking For Help To Declutter A House Or With Deceased Estate Clearance Sydney?

If you are the executor of an estate and do not know where to start, simply contact our professional team to discuss your specific situation. Instead of continuing to search online for terms like ‘Deceased Estate Sydney’, ‘Estate Clearance Sydney’, ‘Deceased Estate Clearance Sydney’, ‘Declutter Sydney’ or ‘House Clearance Sydney’, get in touch and we can work out your priorities together. We understand the complex nature of deceased estate clearances and individual house clearances. Our team is well equipped to provide prompt and respectful solutions to house clearing needs. We can write up a service outline and quote for you within 24 hours of a phone meeting. For more information, please take a look at the short video on our website.

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The Deceased Estate Sydney Specialists

Clearing a property of its possessions involves a number of individual steps. Whether it is a deceased estate or the estate of someone in long-term care, the house clearance process still remains the main priority for all family members to undertake. At Property Clearance, we have very precise knowledge of what it takes to clear a property and we offer a complete end-to-end service. This begins when you contact us, and ends when the property has been cleared to your satisfaction. Our team can manage decluttering, cleaning, possession sales, maintenance and even renovating a property. These steps are all completed in preparation to either sell or rent the property. In addition to this, we can manage the removal and, in some cases destruction, of more sensitive materials. These usually include household chemicals, medicines and confidential documents or records.

At Property Clearance, our foremost aim is to relieve you of stress and worry and know that help is at hand when it comes to organising a property. We understand that these situations can be quite overwhelming at times and can be at such a very sensitive time. Our team will make sure that our Sydney house clearance services are tailored to suit you personally. You can decide how much involvement you want to have. If you feel that it is a bit overwhelming, then we can do everything on your behalf. This even includes enlisting a Real Estate Agent to sell or a Property Manager to lease out the house in question. Our priorities include:

  • Providing respectful and compassionate services
  • Ensuring that the property is properly prepared prior to selling or renting
  • Taking the steps necessary to increase the property’s market value
  • Offering personalised house clearances that take your needs and personal situation into account

Our Approach: Estate Clearance Sydney

At Property Clearance, we like to take a personalised approach to meet our clients’ expectations. To do this, we first have to assess your needs in detail. By doing this, we can identify the correct path of action and provide the most helpful services to you personally. In an effort to achieve this, we have developed a unique service approach and this is designed to be both responsive and respectful in each individual situation.

1Arrange a phone meeting with us

If you are in need of some assistance in terms of house clearance, please get in touch with our team. We will organise for one of our professional staff members to conduct a telephone call with you to discuss your needs and requirements. These meetings are designed to be as brief as possible, while still covering all the important facts that you require us to undertake. We have found that these meetings usually last between fifteen minutes and half an hour. During this time, we invite you to give us a detailed outline of your position and the property in question.

2We will take your information into account and use it to develop our service outline

Our service outline is basically a clear outline of what we will do to help with your Sydney house clearance. Our service outline is based on what you have discussed with us over the phone. It essentially serves to meet each of your needs that we have identified during our discussion with you. Our service outlines are so detailed that we can use them to write a fixed-fee quote. We will provide you with a copy of both of these within 24 hours of our phone conversation.

3We will begin your Sydney estate clearance in line with our service outline

If you are satisfied with the plan we have developed, then you can confirm our quote. Within two weeks of this confirmation, we can start working on the property. To begin with, we need access to the property for approximately three to five days. This period of time will allow us to complete all of the work such as decluttering, sorting through possessions and cleaning and preparing the home for you.

Common House Clearance Sydney Questions

What is your policy for recording what items are removed?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

As a part of our role, we keep detailed records of everything that we dispose of. Our team is familiar with your obligations as an Executor of a Will. We know that you must keep records of your own, and we try to help you with that. To do so, we carefully list everything that we dispose of in a transparent and accessible manner. We can work closely with you during these stages if that makes you feel more comfortable. Alternatively, we can continue with the house clearance on your behalf and provide you with a copy of our records.

My family and I want to go through some of the property during the estate clearance. Can you make this happen?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

We certainly can. Our services are centred on your needs. This means that you can choose how much you want to be involved. If you feel that it is all a bit much, then you are welcome to step back while we are clearing. Alternatively, you are welcome to take a more involved approach. We also invite our clients to remove any items that have sentimental value to them prior to us beginning our house clearance process. We do this because you are best positioned to identify these types of items. At Property Clearance, we understand that everyone is different. That is why we take the time to identify your individual needs, before beginning with every individual Sydney deceased estate clearance.

A few of my family members want to remove as many items as possible to reduce costs. Will this work?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

We always tell our clients that it is not a good idea to try removing items to reduce the cost if you are going to engage our Sydney house clearance services. There are several reasons why. Firstly, it is a lot of effort to clear a house without the right equipment or with little experience of where to start and what to do with all the items within the home. Secondly, this does not actually reduce your fee by much at all. If you were to try, you would probably find yourself working for a day or more to move a relatively small number of possessions within the home. Our team can move the same number of items in only a few hours. It is best to save yourself the effort – the work you put in won’t be reflected in the money you save.

I believe there are family heirlooms and items of great value in the estate. How do I find them?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

At Property Clearance, we frequently find valuable items that our clients had thought they had lost but could not find within a home. In fact, we encounter these situations in about one third of our Sydney house clearance projects. If you suspect that there are belongings in the estate that are of value to you, let us know. We go through all the possessions methodically and adhere to strict rules and regulations in the house as a part of the declutter and house clearance process. This means that we can find things that have been lost for a very long time. We always return valuables such as cash, antiques and jewellery to our clients. During the estate clearance process, we do keep accurate records as we manage the removal of items. This means that everything we come across will be recorded.

Some of my family members do not understand the estate clearance process. Can you help?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

Many people are not familiar with that happens to a deceased estate when someone passes or moves into long-term care. When this situation does occur, it is normally very emotional for everyone involved. A combination of these two factors can make it difficult for some families to agree on what to do and there can be a lot of overwhelming pressure on family members to undertake this action. This is something we see quite often, and we can assist you. Our team will write up a very detailed service outline after our initial phone meeting. This outline will describe every stage of the process in detail. We will issue you with a copy of our service outline, so you can then show your family members. Hopefully, this will be enough to reassure them that your Sydney estate clearance is in safe hands and will be completed in a professional and efficient manner.