The task of clearing a property of possessions and preparing it for sale or rental is significant and in some cases quite overwhelming. At PROPERTY CLEARANCE we provide our clients with a unique and comprehensive service where we manage all activities that are required within this very complex task. This is how we engage with you:

Firstly we will have an initial consultation with you over the telephone or skype where we aim to gain a full understanding of your circumstances, priorities and objectives. Many of our clients are representing the Estate of a deceased relative and are acting with authority as Executor under a Will or other testamentary document. Others are acting with an authority of an Enduring Power of Attorney for a family member in full time care. In either case the challenges relating to the property and possessions are far more than simply the logistics. With decades, if not a lifetime of possessions to be managed and removed and also the needs of many family members to be catered for this process can bring with it an emotional challenge also. At PROPERTY CLEARANCE we fully understand the logistical and emotional challenges and we customise our services to each client to reflect this. We also offer our clients the flexibility to have as much or as little involvement in the clearance process as they choose. Many clients choose to step away once the instructions are confirmed and entrust PROPERTY CLEARANCE to achieve for them the objective they have with the property with compassion and professionalism.

With your circumstances understood we discuss your objectives, for example to have the property available for sale within 30 days including the appointment of a sales agent.

We then determine your priorities within the clearance process, there are often possessions of sentimental or personal value which need to be retained by the family, also possessions of financial value which can be sold on your behalf.

We ask for your authority to partner with us in the unique PROPERTY CLEARANCE program known as Pass-it-Forward. With Pass-it-Forward we partner with our clients and numerous charitable organisations to donate items of no sentimental or minimal financial value to those in need within our communities. We put significant effort into the Pass-it-Forward program and from experience have found that with each client engagement we can donate items to up to 8 separate charitable organisations each with different needs and specialties, all are very grateful for the support.

We then determine if there are any deferred maintenance issues to be addressed either within the property or indeed the surrounding gardens as well as the requirements for the comprehensive clean inside and out. These finishing touches are typically influenced by your intentions with the property. For example if the property is to be sold we would typically advise minimal investment in addressing deferred maintenance issues such as carpet replacement however if the property is to be rented there is usually good reason to complete this work to attract the right tenants and a premium rent.

Finally we gain an understanding of your needs to assist with the appointment of a sales or rental agent.

With this understanding of your circumstances, priorities and objectives we will be in a position to provide you with the certainty of a fixed fee services proposal for your consideration.

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