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Professional Home Clearance Services

When your parents or loved ones move into long-term care, you might find yourself tasked with managing their home and a lifetime of possessions. Normally, this involves disposing of the majority of their possessions, as it’s usually not practical to move all their possessions to their new smaller residence. Attempting to complete the home clearance process yourself can be both emotional and challenging. That is why Property Clearance is here to help. We know that it’s not always easy to manage a lifetime’s worth of your parent’s possessions when they move into long-term care. Fortunately, we have a lot of experience handling these types of situations. As a part of our house clearance services, we work closely with you. Our services are designed to help you manage the property and possessions that you have become responsible for. We recognise the logistical and emotional issues that are at play in these delicate situations. Our priority is to provide supportive and practical assistance. Our team can manage the complete home clearance process, from sorting possessions right through to property sale, in alignment with your directions and always with respect for all involved.

Property Clearance: The House Clearance Experts

At Property Clearance, we are familiar with each of the steps that go into house clearances. We understand that different people like to take a different approach in these situations. That is why our home clearance services are completely customisable. Essentially, this means that we work on your terms. You can choose to handle as much or as little of the required activities, we at Property Clearance will handle everything else. Our team will consult closely with you to determine the correct course of action. When we engage in a home clearance, we offer an end-to-end service. Our team will be there every step of the way to help you manage your parents’ possessions and property. Most of the time, this involves preparing the home for sale after those who resided in the property have moved into long-term care.

To do this, we will work with you to collect all items of sentimental value and return them to your family wherever they maybe. We can then help you sell remaining items of financial value, or even donate them to those in need. We even cater for the secure disposal of hazardous materials and confidential documents. Once the property is cleared, we can work on any maintenance issues that are present. In fact, our team can even go so far as to arrange the home’s renovation. This helps raise its market value and prepares the property for sale. Our home clearance services include:

  • A consultation to ensure you understand your unique circumstances and priorities
  • A complete service to respectfully remove possessions with every effort made to ensure they are passed to somebody who will appreciate them as much as your parents did
  • A preparation for sale program for the property that will attend to any needs to clean, repair, renovate that will improve the sales value.
  • The provision of several marketing proposals from Real Estate agents for you to choose the one that will represent you through the sales process.

Our House Clearance Services

When your parents move into long-term care, you might find yourself entrusted with the task of managing their property and possessions. This can take many different forms. In most cases, it involves sorting through their remaining possessions, disposing of them and managing their home through a sales process. Of course, the precise nature of the task does vary, depending on the circumstances. To make sure you get the best home clearance services when your parents move to long-term care, we have developed a targeted service process.

1 Get in touch with us

If you are currently in charge of managing your parents’ home after their move into long-term care, then contact us. Once you do, we will arrange a phone consultation with you. In most cases, this will go for fifteen to thirty minutes. We do this to get a clear picture of your situation and your priorities. Our home clearance services are based on you and your needs. That is why we aim to consult with you closely throughout each stage of the process.

2 Consultation, service outline & house clearance prices

During our phone meeting with you, we will record all the information you provide to us. We will then use this information to work out a plan. This plan is called our service outline. Once we have developed a detailed service outline, we can write up a fixed fee quotation for you. Our house clearance prices are extremely competitive and by working with our team, we can complete the process efficiently and without all of the challenges of attempting to do this yourself. This stage of the process will be complete within 24 hours of the phone consultation.

3 We will begin the house clearance process

To properly manage your parents’ property and possessions, we will require full access for between three and five days. This timeframe is usually sufficient for us to complete the clearance of possessions, including cleaning. The timeframe for repairs, or renovations depends on the scope that we agree for these activities. Typically, we can commence this work within two weeks of having confirmed it with you. In most cases, we can have the property completely ready for sale or rent within 30 days of the confirmation date. We aim to provide a respectful, prompt and efficient service.

Get in Touch With Property Clearance for Help With Your House Clearance

If you have found yourself charged with managing your parents’ property after their move into long-term care, contact us. We can arrange a consultation over the phone to confirm your needs and priorities. We can then provide you with a detailed service outline and fixed-fee quotation. If you are unsure of what goes into home clearances, or would like to know more, then see our short video.

Common Home Clearance Questions

What do you do with unwanted items?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

Our approach to managing unwanted items depends on your preferences. If you want them gone, then we can arrange for their disposal, sale or even donation to those in need. If we find any items of significant financial value, such as jewellery or cash, then we will return them to you.

I would like to remove some of the items in my parents’ home myself. Will this affect the work that you do or its cost?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

We are sometimes approached by clients who want to do some of the house clearance work themselves to reduce costs. In these cases, we advise against removing anything other than items of sentimental value. Only you can identify such items, which is why it makes sense for you to remove them. In terms of other items, however, you will probably find that it is not worth the effort. Home clearances are often pretty big jobs. Without the right equipment or experience, you can spend days clearing a property without getting very far. In contrast, it will probably take us a fraction of the time. In addition to this, the price of your home clearance will probably not fall by a great deal after you have toiled away for days if not weeks.

Members of my family and I are struggling to agree on what to do with my parents’ property. Can you still help us?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

It can be quite emotional to see your parents transferred into long-term care. As a result, it is not uncommon for families’ opinions to differ on the subject of the clearance of possessions from the home. To help you make an informed decision on the matter, we offer a detailed outline of the steps involved and services that are available to assist. In our experience, it is easier to settle a difference in opinion when you have something to refer to.

Our service outline can act as a strong foundation for you, during the decision-making period. If you would like a detailed outline of our home clearance services, then give us a call. We can go through the details of your situation with you step by step. This allows us to formulate a very specific and targeted approach. Our team can then provide you with this information and a fixed-fee quote within 24 hours. You can then discuss this with your family as necessary and, hopefully, reach an understanding on the best path forward.

My family and I want to handle some aspects of the home clearance process. Can you accommodate this?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

At Property Clearance, we know that every home clearance is unique as our clients priorities and circumstances are unique. Sometimes, the period of transition when your parents move into long-term care can be quite overwhelming, and you simply have other aspects of your life that cannot be neglected. If you are feeling this way, then we can manage the process with little involvement from you. Alternatively, if you want to be closely involvement in the house clearance process, then we can facilitate this. It all depends on your own preferences. Our services are founded on empathy and understanding. As a result, we will customise our services to suit your personal circumstances and priorities.

I have power of attorney for my parents and must record how I manage their property. Can you help?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

When your parents move into long-term care, control over their possessions usually goes to whoever has their power of attorney. If you have their power of attorney, then you will probably have to assume responsibility for their property and possessions. As a part of this, you have a number of obligations. One of the most important of these is record keeping. At Property Clearance, we have been working with clients who are operating under a power of attorney authority for many years. . As a result, we are familiar with what needs to be done in the course of a home clearance and its preparation for sale. To help make your job easier, we will work with you to maintain a complete record of your parents’ key belongings. This record will include what happens to their key possessions during the home clearance. We offer this as a standard part of our service.

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