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Repairs, renovation and preparing your property for sale

Preparing a property for sale in a thoughtful and considered manner can have a significant impact on the success of the sales campaign. Conversely, it is all too easy to overspend, take months to complete when it should take weeks, and create an exhausting drag on your time, when that time should be spent on other aspects of your life.

Property Clearance will manage your full renovation, no matter the circumstance of the property. Commonly we work with clients who are managing a living or deceased estate, investors who want their property to appeal to a higher level of tenant, or owner occupiers who want to modernise or sell for full value.

In all cases, and in all circumstances, our clients need the right outcome, however lack the time to complete the work themselves. Many live interstate from the property, and others simply understand that a self-managed renovation is very time consuming, fraught with pitfalls and easily stretches in duration and budget.

Over may years we have learnt, through personally renovating our own investment properties, and those of many clients in varying circumstances that it is possible to get this right in terms of cost, timeframe, quality and of course most importantly outcome.

Helping You Renovate Your Property

We project manage the complete renovation, the key phases being,

  • the confirmation of your priorities and objectives
  • completion of design options
  • sourcing quotations from suitably qualified and experienced contractors
  • vetting the credentials, licenses and contract structures of potential contractors
  • confirming with you final scope, budget and set of contractors
  • engagement of contractors and managing them in full
  • scheduling all work in a logical and time effective manner
  • completion of quality assurance reviews of all work until final sign-off
  • presentation to you the property ready in every respect for the sales process
  • the referral of suitably qualified and successful Real Estate agents who will prepare personalised marketing proposals for your consideration and selection.

How We Help With Property Renovations

All renovation projects are unique. This can come from the circumstances and objectives of the owner, or indeed the circumstances and location of the property. Often a combination of the two.

Our engagement with you begins by taking the time to understand your unique circumstances and objectives.

1Contact us for a telephone consultation

You can contact us at any time to arrange for an initial phone or skype consultation. These consultations normally take about 15 minutes, to half an hour. We find that this is generally enough time for us to discuss your needs in sufficient detail. Our aim during this meeting is to acquaint ourselves with your situation and priorities. By doing this, we can get a clear picture of your needs, and what needs to be done to meet them.

2We will develop a service outline and a quote

When our phone meeting is complete, we will have enough information to form a plan. We call this our service outline. Basically, this is introduces the recommended approach we will take to meet your objectives. Always within 24 hours of our telephone consultation, we will provide you with a fixed fee quotation for the design and scoping phase of the renovation, and a service outline on how and when this will be delivered.

3We Will Commence The Renovation Program

If you are satisfied with our service outline and confirm the engagement of our services we will commence our work, always within 3 days. At that stage you will be committed to the design, scoping and budget establishment phase only.

Once this phase is completed, we will discuss with you all aspects of design options, costs, timeframes and expected outcomes. At this stage you will be asked to commit to a customised renovation scope and budget. We take it from there, and deliver to you the outcome you require.

We are considering managing it ourselves, what would be the difference if we engaged you?

If you have the time to apply to the project and you understand the challenges you are likely to face then we recommend you manage it yourself. Seriously, completing a renovation is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience. We have included below our tips and considerations that you might find useful.

If, however you need the outcome of a renovated property however lack the time or interest to complete this yourself then here are some reasons to consider the engagement the Property Clearance company.

  1. We will take the time to understand your circumstances, objectives and priorities so we can view the project through your lens
  2. Our contractors are highly motivated to meet all their commitments of cost, quality and timeliness to ensure they are well positioned for ongoing work through us, with other clients’ projects.
  3. We often receive trade pricing, which is passed on directly to you as we build the project budget
  4. We are proven, many times over in our ability to deliver a project in a short timeframe, with no compromise to quality of outcome.

Tips and Advice When Considering a Renovation Program to Prepare a Property for Sale

  • Be clear about your objective with your property and remind yourself often. You would approach it very differently if you intend to sell, rent or live in the property.
  • If you intend to sell the property then generally look to enhance what is there, not change it to your personal taste which will usually add costs that can’t be recovered.
  • If it is cost effective, then remove anything that would not have broad market appeal. Any Real Estate agent will tell you it is to your advantage to present your property with broad appeal, so they can generate competition from buyers.
  • With unsightly surfaces always consider the option to clean it rather than replace or paint. For example, the pressure wash of the outside of the property as against a re paint, or the professional and thorough clean of tiled surfaces as against retiling.
  • Think creatively about the potentially expensive areas, being the kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps resurface benchtops, replace handles on existing cabinetry, update hand or towel rails in the bathroom.
  • Good clean, bright surfaces are a great idea. For example, an internal repaint in neutral colour, with gloss surrounds is often a sound investment. It is often effective to compliment this with a combination of new carpet, vinyl or floating floorboards
  • Consider replacing the electrical fittings. It is relatively inexpensive and a big presentation help, especially when the interior is painted, the old fittings can look very tired.
  • Ensure the street appeal and entrance to the property is well presented and welcoming.

Common Property Renovation Questions

What will I have to do throughout the renovation program?2020-09-03T22:56:45+10:00

Of course, you have the option of being as involved as you would like to be, however typically our clients spend time with us at 3 junctures. Firstly, to confirm their objectives and priorities, secondly to review options, confirm scope and budget and thirdly as they review and sign-off the outcome, (by video or photo transfer technology if needed).

How do you select contractors?2020-09-03T22:57:19+10:00

By our assessment of who will do the best job for you when factoring in, cost, quality and timeliness. Usually these are selected from our established network of contractors who have proven themselves by successfully completing similar work for other clients. We receive no commissions, rebates or other incentives from contractors. This structure ensures we can negotiate and select contractors on your behalf and in your best interests.

Can you sell the property for me?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

We are not sales agents, however we have an established network of Real Estate agents who we can engage on your behalf to complete marketing appraisals for you to consider. There is no cost to you for this aspect of our service.

I live a long way from the property and struggle to find the time to get there2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

We never meet many of our clients for this reason. We use photo, video and video conferencing technology to effectively communicate with our clients through all phases of a renovation program. Therefore your location is not an impediment to getting the outcome you want.

How much will it cost?2020-09-03T22:57:20+10:00

Great first up question. Our initial consultation and the provision of a customised services outline is completed at no charge. We will provide a fixed fee quotation to then complete the design, scope definition and program to source quotations from suitable contractors. You are under no obligation to proceed beyond this point, however you will have all the facts around costs and timeframes in order to make an informed decision.

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