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We Provide A Complete Property Clearance Solution

The responsibility of managing a close family member's home following their passing or their move to full-time care is both significant and challenging. At PROPERTY CLEARANCE we understand the logistical and importantly the emotional challenges involved. Our services are complete and customised to your circumstances and priorities. You have the option to have as little, or as much involvement as you like. To learn more about how we can assist please read more or watch our informative video ....

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We clear, clean, fix, style and prepare your property for sale

What We Do

We provide a complete property clearance solution

  • Remove items from property
  • Collect items of sentimental value
  • Remove rubbish / unwanted items
  • Dispose of medication / chemicals
  • Remove scrap metal
  • Donate items to local charities
  • Organise storage of items
  • Sell items on your behalf
  • Send items to family members
  • Tidy garden and landscaping
  • Undertake maintenance issues
  • Professionally clean property
  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Prepare the property for the market
  • Organise an Estate Agent
  • Maximise the sale of your property

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