We invite our clients to partner with us and give their authorisation for us to work with an extensive network of charitable organisations in our unique Pass It Forward program.

Within Pass It Forward we have found clients properties have many items that have minimal if any financial value, however these can have considerable value to those in need within our community. These items includes clothing, furniture, appliances, bedding, food, sporting goods, collectables, small and large appliances, toys, and gardening equipment. We engage up to 10 separate charities per client engagement, each with different needs and specialties in serving those less fortunate in the community. All are extremely appreciative of the support.

At PROPERTY CLEARANCE we work hard to maximize the contribution we make to the community in conjunction with our clients. To view the contribution value to date please click here. We have also found our clients take comfort in the knowledge that the possessions of the close family relative are passed to those in need not simply discarded in a refuse.

In summary Pass it Forward is great for our community, our clients and the environment !

Pass-it-forward donations so far

Next target $350,000

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