Until our parents become elderly, it can be difficult to imagine or fully comprehend the dramatic impact that ageing can have on their quality of life. As our loved ones grow older, it’s natural to look for ways to help make their life easier. After all, making their living space more livable, clean and safe can help them feel empowered, happy and independent. 

Here are tips for supporting elderly parents at home, including:

  • Ideas for how to improve their living environment and make their life easier
  • Helpful services for elderly people living at home
  • The benefits of decluttering for seniors

Caring For Aging Parents Checklist

To help your elderly parents live independently at home as long as possible, here are some ways to support their wellbeing as they age. 

#1 Assess your elderly loved one’s health and care needs

  1. Is your loved one managing well with daily tasks unsupervised? 
  2. Are they safe at home alone? Do they need help with personal care? 
  3. How is your loved one’s health? Are they recovering from a recent illness? 
  4. Can you make changes to the house’s living space to accommodate your loved one’s health needs? 
  5. Is help needed during the day? At night? Is constant supervision needed? 
  6. If you are your loved one’s primary caregiver, are you taking measures to protect and preserve your own mental and emotional wellbeing while caring for them? 
  7. As a caregiver, are you realistic about the amount of care needed and what you can provide without harming your health? 

#2 Assess your elderly loved one’s living situation

  1. If their health is deteriorating, how do they feel about moving into an assisted living facility or retirement community with access to 24-hour medical assistance?
  2. If full-time assistance is not needed, is it possible to install a home monitoring system to make sure your loved one is still supervised in case of an accident?
  3. Are there things that need to change about the house to make it safe and comfortable as your loved one ages? Can you make some of those changes or renovations now?
  4. Is your loved one willing to move into a smaller place that’s easier to manage? 
  5. Is your loved one willing to wear a self-monitoring device to automatically detect and alert you or emergency services if they take a fall? 
  6. Could decluttering help? If you fear your loved one is living in an unsafe situation, consider hiring someone with expertise in decluttering for seniors. They will be able to help your loved one sort through a lifetime of possessions while respecting your loved one’s belongings. 

Note: Eventually, the effects of ageing may become more evident. In this case, long-term care may be needed to help your loved one sustain a high quality of life.

#3 Find out what services for the elderly and home help for pensioners is available

A good way to reduce your workload as a caregiver and reduce stress is to get some extra help. There are many support services for the elderly in Australia that many people don’t realise exist. These can provide a huge boost in quality of life for many seniors. 

My Aged Care program

Did you know that the Australian Government provides subsidies to decrease the cost of home support services your elderly loved one receives at home? This includes discounts for ongoing personal services, support services and clinical care. 

Having a home care aide to assist with errands and chores allows your loved one to remain in charge and actively participate in their daily routine while easing the burden and stress. Possibilities for home support services include: 

Personal care

  • Bathing
  • Taking medication
  • Getting in and out of bed

Meals and food

  • Meal delivery
  • Assistance with food preparation


  • House cleaning
  • Clothes washing and ironing
  • Shopping

Medical assistance

  • Podiatry
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Assistance for a particular condition, such as poor vision or dementia

Home maintenance

  • Assistance to keep your home and garden in a safe condition
  • Fixing uneven flooring
  • Installing a security light
  • Clearing your yard of debris

Home modification

  • Grab rails
  • Ramps
  • Accessible bathroom redesign

Assistive equipment and technology

  • Assistance with mobility, communication, reading and personal care limitations
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Shower chairs
  • Walking frames


  • Driver service
  • Travel vouchers and subsidies

Social support

  • In-home social calls
  • Phone and internet communication services
  • Group social activities

Property Clearance’s decluttering service

Here at Property Clearance, we offer a home decluttering service for both people in living and deceased estates. Here are some of the ways our decluttering and clearance service can benefit your elderly loved one’s quality of life while they’re living independently at home.

Benefit #1: Maintain Independence

Giving up independence is the thing that many elderly people fear most. Decluttering a home allows your loved one to retain their independence for longer. How? 

  1. It helps them create a clean and orderly living space to enjoy life.
  2. It will clear out any unsafe hazards in their home, such as stacked boxes. 
  3. They’ll have the chance to honestly evaluate what’s important to keep (and what’s not). 
  4. They’ll have the opportunity to create a new space to support their hobbies, interests or creative passions. 
  5. They may feel joy when they discover lost treasures buried amongst a lifetime of possessions. 

Ultimately, this will help them lead a more uncluttered life so they can appreciate the things they value most. 

Benefit #2: Maintain Self-Dignity

A messy or cluttered home can make performing even simple daily tasks much more difficult. Mess and clutter, such as stacked boxes or poor hygiene, can also create safety risks and negatively impact your loved one’s health. If the quality of their living conditions has steadily declined, your loved one may also experience feelings of embarrassment and anxiety about the state of their home. This may prevent your loved one from inviting family or friends inside, limiting the amount of social interaction they receive and leading to a vicious cycle of isolation. 

Cleaning and decluttering a home will help your loved one regain confidence and a sense of control, both in their daily life and in social situations. 

Benefit #3: Personalised

Property Clearance’s service is completely bespoke and tailored to your elderly loved one’s needs. Decluttering is also more affordable than you may think.

We make organising your home simple, doing the hard work for you by sorting and organising your belongings to keep, sell and donate. We take into account your loved one’s personal feelings at all times and strive to help your family with the utmost respect for everyone involved. We can even help your loved one with renovating or selling their home if they decide to move into assisted living or elderly care. No matter what kind of assistance your loved one needs, we can help. 

Get in touch today for a free consultation with Bob Morton about how decluttering your elderly loved one’s home can help improve their quality of life.