It’s the issue that every Real Estate Agent feels perplexed about how to solve. What do you do when you have a client with a deceased or living estate who is eager to sell their property, but they have no idea what to do with the lifetime of possessions inside?

Often, with a living or deceased estate, this can cause significant delays in listing the property, which can last years or indefinitely. The client feels paralysed, like they cannot move on to the next stage of their life. Obviously, you as their Agent want to help them by listing and selling the property as soon as possible. But what can you do when you can’t get the final green light from the client to do so?

Express empathy

Often, this is a very delicate situation, so it’s helpful to understand the factors that contribute to the client’s indecision. Talk to them gently about their reasons for delaying the sale. If the property is a deceased estate, grief may be holding them back.

They may also feel overwhelmed by the task of managing the removal of possessions that have built up over decades. Many items inside the home will have great sentimental value. Others may have great financial value. This requires careful sorting, which can be extremely time-consuming to juggle around other work and life commitments, and of course a significant emotional challenge. Overall, the client does not want to see it all given away or worse, taken to a refuse facility for disposal. However, they do not know where to start or who to ask for help.

By expressing empathy for their situation, you can open up a conversation about how to solve this issue for them and sell their property faster.

Connect with a property clearance expert

Gently suggest to your client that they engage the assistance of a professional company to help. Ideally, this company will have a wealth of experience in delivering this service. They should have a strong reputation and respect the legacy of the people who have built up the possessions.

The Property Clearance company have helped many hundreds of families in this situation. Over 70 such clients have provided public expressions of thanks and appreciation. The help we provide is pragmatic and time-effective, based on our 1-2-3 service guarantee.

1 = If you provide us with an introduction to your client, we will make contact with them within one day.
2 = Once we complete our consult with your client, we will provide them with a detailed and customised plan and quote to manage the removal of their lifetime of possessions in an appropriate and respectful way within two days.
3 = Once your client has accepted our proposal to help, we will complete the removal of all or excess possessions within three weeks.

Based on this timeline, a property will typically be on the market for sale within a month of our introduction. Your grateful client will be relieved that they are unburdened of the stress of managing a living or deceased estate, and you can help them achieve the sale of their property much faster.

Final thoughts

Many Real Estate Agents feel uncertain of how to move forward with a property sale when their client feels emotionally overwhelmed with the thought of sorting through the wealth of belongings in their living or deceased estate. To remove this barrier to sale, you can connect them with a property clearance expert, who will sort through and manage their possessions quickly and with sensitivity to their family’s needs.

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