Collecting things is a basic element of human nature and often comes down to believing that most things might be valuable in the future if we hang on to them. The result? Clutter. Kitchens, in particular, are notorious locations for clutter, from their crowded bench tops and messy pantries to overflowing cupboards and drawers filled with ‘knick-knacks’. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you organise your kitchen.

Clear Out Shelving, Cupboards And Drawers

If you’re undertaking a kitchen spring clean for you or for somebody else, one of the first steps is to take stock of what you have, and then decide if you really need all of it! When it comes to dinnerware, second or third sets can be a major source of kitchen clutter, so decide what you use, what you might need when hosting a gathering and then put aside the rest.

The same goes for glass and plastic ware – if you never use cocktail or champagne glasses or you have odds and ends of containers with no lids, is there any use keeping them? A cracked cutting board, a saucepan with a broken handle, a teacup without a saucer … be ruthless when going through each item in every cupboard, decide if has any worth and throw out anything that’s old or broken.

Also, carefully consider every item in your knife block – do you really need 15 knives? Even if you spend ample amounts of time in the kitchen, a utility knife, a serrated knife, a filleting knife and a decent chef’s knife are probably all you’ll ever use.

When it comes to drawers, cupboards and shelves when it’s time to organise your kitchen it’s always wise to tackle one at a time to make the task more manageable. Empty each one entirely, clean thoroughly and then sort through each item individually. 

Firstly, the cutlery drawer … it will be no surprise to learn that these mostly consist of items that have been bought, gifted or accidentally ‘borrowed’. Sort your items by type, make sure you have one full set, then put aside the rest. Cooking utensils should also be considered – do you really need all those wooden spoons, cheese graters and spatulas?

And the junk drawer – everyone has one and it can be an endless source of frustration as most of its items will probably be never used. However, in the interests of stress-free kitchen organisation, at the very least, group like-minded items together, invest in a few drawer organisers, and tidy to the best of your ability!

Lastly, give the fridge and freezer a good clean out – remove all items, give inside surfaces a thorough wipe-down, and then dispose of any forgotten leftovers, bottles you’ve never opened and past-their-use-by-date products. A few shelving organisers can work wonders here too – group similar items (like condiments and sauces) together, and use door shelving for storing things like eggs and dairy. 

Evaluate Your Electrical Appliances

With all the electrical gadgetry available these days, it’s no wonder that valuable kitchen space is often taken up with a collection of seldom-used appliances. Some items we can’t do without, however, some are often just ‘nice to have’ rather than ‘need to have’, and keeping them often comes at the expense of an organised, fuss-free kitchen.

Items to consider include juicers, bread makers, food processors and rice and pressure cookers, and if you haven’t used them in over a year, another kitchen de-cluttering tip is to think about ‘relocating’ them via selling, donating or repurposing them. If you have items that you don’t use all the time but can’t bear to part with, store them in a spot that’s accessible but out of the way.

Be Clever About Storage Solutions

Overloading kitchen countertops is not only counter-productive but it also looks untidy, so try to keep as many items as possible stored away. Items that are not regularly used should be stored in cupboards or in the pantry, others can be tucked away in not-so-obvious areas.

In terms of kitchen storage solutions, sometimes the de-cluttering process simply comes down to more storage, so invest in elevated shelving to make use of an area’s height, store pots and pans on hooks or a hanging rod, and buy a range of drawer, shelf and fridge organiser baskets to keep everything tidy.

The pantry is the ideal spot for additional storage – as long as everything else is organised! Re-package foods into more storage-friendly containers (like jars and sealable plastic ware), label baskets accordingly and organise items by shelf making sure you keep the most-used items easily accessible. If you are a fan of collecting recipe books, now is the time to be ruthless as well. If you haven’t used one in over a year, you probably never will!

Create Functional Areas

Much of the clutter that accumulates in kitchens these days comes from our daily lives – paperwork, bills and mail can all end up scattered in a variety of places, and often cause chaos if it’s not easily accessible. Keep these labelled and organised in a separate drawer or in an expandable folder, and store in a central place.

Keep keys tidy by colour coding them and hanging them on a key hook that’s not easily viewable (in the event of a break-in), and create a ‘family communication centre’ with a pinboard/whiteboard where you can hang a calendar, note down important events, and pin important work or school reminders.

When it’s time to organise your kitchen, you should also try and keep electronics like mobile phones, tablets, chargers and chords in a suitable area away from potential hazards, including spills, drips, splatters and electrical items like toasters and kettles. Create an electronics ‘hub’ in the home office or in a spare corner of the kitchen, and make sure everyone uses it fairly and safely.

Sometimes with the de-cluttering process, it’s hard to know where to begin. Here at Property Clearance, we offer a complete range of fully customisable de-cluttering services. Once you contact us, we will undertake a simple telephone consultation with you, provide you with a service outline and then send you a quote within 24 hours.

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