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We ensure that you get the best financial returns for items in a living or deceased estate

Deceased Estate Auctions in Melbourne | How We Can Assist

The passing of a friend or family member can be extremely difficult, and even harder for the executor of the last will and testament, who has additional responsibilities to manage. Moving an elderly loved one into care can also be emotionally tough, and is even harder for family members who have important responsibilities such as being the financial power of attorney for the estate.

In both circumstances, the estate of your loved one must be organised, and a decision made for every item they own. You need to decide whether each item should be given to family members, sold for the estate, or if it isn’t worth selling, disposed of. At Property Clearance, we understand how exhausting this can be, and we provide customised services to manage the entire process for you, so that you have time to properly grieve.

These are the key ways that we help with deceased estate auctions, and make the process easy and manageable for you.

1. We have a selling method available, which helps us to achieve the highest possible price for each item

Auctions are not the most effective way to sell many items. They can work well for valuable items such as antiques, art, and vehicles, but they won’t accept many of the possessions found in your loved one’s home. That’s why we use a variety of selling methods, including retail sales, internet sales channels, in-person sales, or selling items through our large network of buyers. This ensures that we obtain the highest financial return for every item we sell.

2. We take care of single items in the estate

Businesses who manage deceased estate auctions often only take the most expensive/valuable items in your loved one’s estate, like jewellery and antiques. This usually equates to a very small percentage of their possessions, and you have to manage the rest.

At Property Clearance, we take care of every single item in the estate. Our goal is to provide you with the maximum financial return for every single item, and to complete the house clearance with the care and respect that your loved one deserves.

3. We can manage everything for you, or as much as you need

Everyone is different, which is why we create a customised clearance plan that works for you. We can take care of everything, or just some select tasks that you need help with. If you are interstate, we can arrange everything by phone, email, and video call, which includes collecting the keys to the property and working through your loved one’s home.

4. We assist the executor or attorney to meet their responsibilities

Managing a deceased estate usually falls to the executor or administrator of the will, and managing a living estate is handled by the financial power of attorney. We assist these important people by identifying, safeguarding, and cataloguing every item in the estate. By taking care of this difficult, arduous task, we allow them to focus on their other key responsibilities.

5. We make sure that suitable items are donated

Sadly, some items just aren’t cost-effective to sell. When this is the case, we donate them to charity through our Pass-it-forward program, or alternatively, give them to one of our reuse partners. This ensures that they might be valued by someone else, providing the local community with useful, affordable items that can be useful once again. We don’t dispose of items unless we absolutely have to.

6. We sell most assets within 6 to 8 weeks

We know that it’s important to organise the estate quickly, so we aim to complete the sale of most items within 6 to 8 weeks.

Our process for living or deceased estate auctions in Melbourne

To ensure that your loved one’s living or deceased estate is managed smoothly, we will consult with you about your priorities and objectives, to create a tailored plan that respects their legacy.

1. We discuss the estate with you

We’ll have a 10 to 20 minute conversation with you about your loved one’s estate, which familiarises us with the situation, your priorities, and what you’re trying to achieve.

2. We create a customised service outline and quotation

We create a tailored service outline and quote that describes exactly what we’ll do for you, which includes our process for the items in the home, and how we might prepare it for sale.

3. We clear the property

When you accept the service outline and quote, we will arrange collection of the property’s keys, and start clearing the estate. This usually takes between 3 to 5 days, and will keep you updated.

4. We sell the items

Once the property is cleared, we will sell each item through the most financially optimal sale channel, achieving the highest return.

5. We provide a detailed breakdown of sales, and transfer the final amount to you

At the close of each month, we will transfer the funds for items that have been sold, and can also provide a full catalogue if needed.

FAQs | Deceased Estate Auctions Melbourne

Do you provide estate content auctions in Melbourne?2022-12-15T16:24:45+10:00

As with furniture, we will only sell items through estate content auctions if it makes the most sense for the item. Some items are better suited through other channels like the internet, or through our sales network. We will always use the most appropriate and effective selling channel to ensure the maximum return for the estate.

Do you provide estate furniture auctions in Melbourne?2022-12-15T16:24:23+10:00

While we can sell items through estate furniture auctions in Melbourne, we will only do so if it will provide the highest return for the item. If not, we’ll use a more effective selling method.

Can I set minimum prices for items?2022-12-15T16:23:55+10:00

We are happy for you to nominate sales reserves on particular items. If this is the case, we will not sell items below this value.

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