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Whether a living or deceased estate, we work to ensure that you achieve the highest financial returns for items

Deceased Estate Auctions in Perth | How We Can Help

When a loved one passes away, their estate can be an incredibly difficult thing to manage, both emotionally and physically. The situation is even harder for the executor of the estate, who has extra legal responsibilities to manage. It’s equally tough when transitioning an elderly loved one into care, especially if you are the financial power of attorney for the estate.

In either circumstance, your loved one’s estate needs to be organised, their assets collated, and a decision made on each and every one of them. Should they be bequeathed to family members? Sold for the estate? Or even disposed of? At Property Clearance, we know how emotionally difficult this can be, and we offer a suite of customised services to take care of the whole process for you, giving you the time back you need to grieve.

These are the ways that we can help with deceased estate auctions (and living estate auctions), to make the entire process easier for you.

1. We have the right selling method to achieve the highest return for items

We provide much more than just deceased estate auctions. Often, these just aren’t suitable or effective for many items, which is why we use a variety of selling methods to ensure that we can sell as much as you need, and get the highest financial return for each of them. These include retail sales, in-person sales, selling items through our network of buyers, internet sales channels, and more.

2. We take care of every single item

Companies that offer deceased estate auctions usually only take items that can actually be sold at auction, like jewellery, furniture, and antiques. That leaves you to arrange the rest, which is usually the vast majority of items in your loved one’s home.

At Property Clearance, we manage every single item in the estate, so that you don’t have to worry about them. Our main goal is to achieve the maximum value for every item that is being sold, and to organise and clear the home with care and respect for your loved one’s legacy.

3. We can take on as much or as little as you require

We understand how stressful a living or deceased estate can be, and we can take on as much or as little of the task as you need. If you are in another state, we are happy to arrange everything with you by phone, video call, or email, and arrange collection of the property’s keys.

4. We assist the executor or attorney for the estate

The executor or administrator of the will is often responsible for a deceased estate. For a living estate, this falls to the financial power of attorney. Both of these roles include important legal responsibilities, one of which is identifying, safeguarding, and cataloguing every single asset in the estate. At Property Clearance, we can manage this whole process for you, making the executor or power of attorney’s jobs much easier.

5. Our Pass-it-forward program ensures that items go to new homes

Sadly, certain items in the estate just won’t be cost-effective to sell. But we donate many of these items to charity through our Pass-it-forward program, which ensures that they go to new homes, and can be used and cherished again. Many of these items may go to needy people in the local community. We don’t throw away items unless we need to.

6. We sell most items in the estate within 6 to 8 weeks

We aim to sell most items within 6 to 8 weeks, to ensure a quick turnaround time.

Our full process for deceased or living estate auctions in Perth

1. We talk with you about the estate

Our initial consultation will help us to familiarise ourselves with your unique situation. This usually takes between 10 to 20 minutes and helps us to learn how we can help with your loved one’s property and its assets.

2. We develop a tailored service outline and quotation

Once we are clear on what needs to be done, we will develop a customised service outline and quotation.

3. We clear the estate

When you’re happy with our service outline and have accepted the agreement, we will get to work. We’ll collect the property’s keys from you, and slowly work through the estate, cataloguing all of the items and deciding the best course of action for them.

4. We sell the items in the estate

Once the property is clear, we will sell every item that is cost-effective to sell, using the most profitable selling method.

5. We provide a full breakdown of sales, and transfer the final amount to you

At the end of each month, we will arrange to transfer the funds for items sold in that month. If you need, we can also provide an itemised breakdown of every asset sold.

FAQs | Deceased Estate Auctions Perth

Do you offer deceased estate jewellery auctions in Perth?2022-12-19T14:10:24+10:00

As above, we use a broad variety of selling methods for jewellery. If we believe that it will achieve the best price at auction, we’ll use that method.

Do you offer deceased estate content auctions in Perth?2022-12-19T14:09:36+10:00

We don’t restrict ourselves to just auctions, but instead use the selling method that is most appropriate and profitable for each item. This allows us to get the best possible return for them, which goes back into the estate.

What kinds of items do you handle?2022-12-19T14:09:02+10:00

We manage every single item in the estate, which includes:

  • Jewellery
  • Fine art
  • Silverware and cutlery
  • Furniture
  • Collectibles such as coins, dolls, or stamps
  • Electronics