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Our managed, end-to-end service will increase your financial return for items in a deceased or living estate

How We Can Assist With Deceased Estate Auctions in Sydney

The death of a friend or family member can be incredibly difficult, and even more so for the executor of the last will and testament, who has extra important responsibilities to manage. Transitioning your elderly loved one into aged care can also be emotionally painful, and worse for family members who have crucial responsibilities such as financial power of attorney.

In either circumstance, your loved one’s estate and their possessions need to be organised, and a decision made for each of them: should they be gifted to family members, sold for a financial return, or if they don’t hold any value, disposed of? At Property Clearance, we know how tiring this can be, and we offer customised services to take care of the entire process, so that you have the time and space to grieve.

These are the main methods that we use when helping with deceased estate auctions:

1. We utilise a variety of selling methods, to achieve the highest price for every item

In many cases, auctions aren’t the most effective way to sell an item, and lots of items won’t actually be accepted by them. We sell your loved ones possessions using the method that we think will achieve the highest financial return for the estate. This includes:

  • Online or on-site auctions
  • In retail outlets
  • Selling in person
  • Internet sales channels
  • Private sales to our broad network of buyers

We have been using these sales channels for a long time, and we know which items are best suited to each.

2. We manage every single item in the estate

Businesses that provide deceased estate auction services are usually limited to just one selling method: auctions. They may take high value items like vehicles, fine art, and antiques, but this is just a fraction of your loved one’s possessions, and you have to decide what to do with the rest.

At Property Clearance, we manage every single item in your loved one’s home. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible return for everything in the estate, and we complete this process with the respect and care that your loved one deserves.

3. We will manage as much or as little as you need

We can manage as much as you need for your living or deceased estate. If you are in another state, we can organise everything by video call, phone, or email, which includes collecting the keys to the property and working through your loved one’s estate.

4. We assist the executor or attorney, and help them to meet their responsibilities

The executor or administrator of the will usually have the responsibility of managing a deceased estate, and the financial power of attorney takes care of a living estate. Both of these important roles carry legal responsibilities, which includes identifying, safeguarding, and cataloguing every single asset in the estate. This can be a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why we are happy to take care of the process for you, and let you focus on your other important responsibilities.

5. Our donation process ensures that many items go to good use

In some cases, items may not be cost effective to sell, but are still in perfectly good condition and can be valued and used by another. We identify every item that falls under this category, and ask you whether you’d like us to donate it through our Pass-it-forward program. This program allows us to pass on these items to people in the local community, allowing them to be useful and valued by someone again.

6. We sell the majority of items within 6 to 8 weeks

To ensure that the estate is managed quickly, we have a 6 to 8 week turnaround time for the majority of items.

Our process for living or deceased estate auctions

We create a customised approach for every estate, to ensure respect for the legacy of your loved one.

1. We consult with you about the estate

We have a 10 to 20 minute conversion to familiarise ourselves with our unique situation, and form a clear understanding of how we can help.

2. We develop a customised service outline and quotation

We create a service outline that includes how we will manage the items and prepare the property for sale.

3. We clear the property

We arrange a collection of the property’s keys, and start respectfully working through your loved one’s estate. This often takes between 3 to 5 days, with regular updates as we work.

4. We sell the items

When every item is catalogued, we start selling those that are appropriate using the most cost-effective sales channel.

5. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of sales, and transfer the final amount to you

We will arrange transfer for any items that have been sold each calendar month, until the last item has been sold.

FAQs | Deceased Estate Auctions Sydney

Do you offer estate furniture auctions in Sydney?2022-12-15T21:44:57+10:00

Similarly to content auctions, we can sell items through estate furniture auctions, but we only do so if we believe that the furniture will get the best possible price through the auction. Otherwise, we use a more effective selling method.

Do you offer estate content auctions in Sydney?2022-12-15T21:44:30+10:00

We do sell items through estate content auctions in Sydney, but only if they make sense for the item being sold. In some cases, there may be a more effective selling channel for the item, in which case we’ll use that instead.

What types of items do you manage?2022-12-15T21:44:08+10:00

We manage every single item, which includes silverware, jewellery, fine art, and collectibles. We have the experience and contacts to achieve a sound market price for every item we sell.