Deceased Estate & Home Clearance Services in Sydney & Regional New South Wales

Providing services to family members who face the challenging task of clearing a home and preparing it for sale or rental following the passing of a close family member or their transition to full-time residential aged care.


Our Services: Property Clearance

#1 Long-Term Care Transition – Declutter

Often, house clearances occur when your parents or family members move into long-term care, pass away or are long longer in a position to reside in their home This is likely to be quite an emotional time for you and your family. On top of that, you are faced with the responsibility of a house clearance or to declutter the property ready for sale or rental. This is where Property Clearance can assist you. At Property Clearance, we offer respectful and professional house clearance and decluttering services. We can also clear up external properties, warehouses and garages. We tailor our services to meet you circumstances and you are free to choose the extent to which you are involved at the property.

#2 Deceased Estate Clearance

If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, managing their estate can feel overwhelming. At Property Clearance, we know the emotional and logistical challenges associated with deceased estate clearances. That is why we offer a wide range of personalised estate clearance wide. Our team will work closely with you to take the burden of responsibility and assist you through the process of clearing and preparing a property for the sales or rental market, should you require.


James Rohan

Bob and Russell attended to my Fathers unit quickly and thoroughly.They were both very friendly and helpful and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who has a home clearing issue

Lyndi Andreou

Russell and his team were very professional in the clearing my mother’s unit. The work was carried out in a timely manner and to my complete satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Property Clearance.

Peter Cochrane

Bob and his team did a fabulous job clearing my sister’s apartment. They were throughly professional and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone facing the daunting task of clearing a loved one’s home.

Our Approach: House & Estate Clearance

There are different circumstances surrounding every estate clearance in. At Property Clearance, we are aware that everyone has different needs and requirements, whether it relates to decluttering, house clearances or deceased estate clearances. To meet your needs in a personalised manner, we like to discuss you situation with you in detail. This helps us in developing a targeted service approach, which is outlined in our process.

1Schedule in a phone call to discuss your needs

If you feel as though you need help with estate clearances of any description, then contact us. The first thing we will do is organise a time to have a detailed phone discussion of your needs and requirements. For your convenience, we like to do this over the phone, or we are happy to visit you individually at the property. It normally takes no longer than half an hour. This is a very important part of our process, as it allows us to get to know your exact position. Our estate clearances are built on our clients’ individual needs. To meet your needs perfectly, we take the time to listen to you and adhere to your requirements.

2Quote and service outline for your estate clearance

Based on the information you give us, we will work out an approach to your individual situation. Our approach is centred on respectful, professional and personalised service. That means that we will listen to you during our conversation and establish a clear direction that meets your needs. Once we have worked out what has to be done, we can make an accurate assessment of the costs involved. This then allows us to make a fixed fee quote, which we will send to you within 24 hours.

3Our team will commence the house clearance on your behalf

If you confirm our service outline, then we can begin the house clearance within two weeks. To complete your house clearance, we will need complete access to the property. This will usually take around 3-5 days. During this time, we will undertake all necessary tasks including decluttering, house clearance and cleaning at the property. If you have directed us to prepare the home for the sales market or rental market, then we can normally do so within 30 days from when you confirm our services.

What We Do

Providing a Service for Deceased and Living Estates – we can undertake:

  • Remove items from property

  • Remove scrap metal

  • Send items to family members
  • Indoor and outdoor painting
  • Collect items of sentimental value
  • Donate items to local charities
  • Tidy garden and landscaping
  • Remove rubbish / unwanted items

  • Organise storage of items
  • Undertake maintenance issues
  • Organise an Estate Agent
  • Interstate transportation

  • Dispose of medication / chemicals
  • Sell items on your behalf
  • Professionally clean property
  • Maximise the sale of your property