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House Declutter & Deceased Estate Brisbane Services

#1 Long-Term Care Transition – Declutter Brisbane

If your parents, a family member or even a close friend has moved into long-term care, then we can help. Our team understands that this can be an emotional time for you. That’s why our services are founded on empathy, compassion and understanding throughout the whole process. Our approach is designed to effectively manage the property that your parents have left behind and the possessions that need to be disposed of. We can assist with house clearance, furniture clearance, declutter services and preparation for property sale. We will work with you to establish an ideal approach to this service and adhere to your needs and requirements.

#2 Deceased Estate Clearance Brisbane

Managing the passing of a loved one is undoubtedly a difficult process. This challenging period can often be made more difficult by the considerable responsibility that comes with it. At Property Clearance, we aim to make this period of time easier for you and work next to you, side by side until the job is completed in full. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of deceased estate Brisbane services, including complete deceased estate clearance, possession sales and disposal, and working with you to preserve all items of sentimental value. These services are aimed at taking some of the pressure off you by managing the property that remains. This takes the form of clearing, cleaning and preparing properties for sale or the rental market.

Looking For Help To Declutter A House Or With Deceased Estate Clearance Brisbane?

If you are responsible for the estate clearance of your loved ones, then contact our team for the right advice. Instead of continuing to search online for terms like ‘Deceased Estate Brisbane’, ‘Estate Clearance Brisbane’, ‘Deceased Estate Clearance Brisbane’, ‘Declutter Brisbane’ or ‘House Clearance Brisbane’, get in touch and we can work out your priorities together. For more information, you can view the short, informative video on our website. With Property Clearance, you get respectful and compassionate help in an efficient, professional manner.

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The Deceased Estate Brisbane Specialists

At Property Clearance, we offer services to help you manage the estate of your loved ones. Whether they have passed, or moved into long-term care, we can assist. Our team is experienced when it comes to dealing with these situations. We have performed many deceased estate clearances and house clearances. This means that we have a detailed understanding of what is involved. In most estate clearances that we undertake, our clients want to clear a property and prepare it for sale or rent. Normally, this involves clearing out remaining furniture, cleaning and maintaining the home, and engaging a real estate agent to sell or prepare it for the rental market.

During our time in this line of work, we have experienced the emotional and sometimes overwhelming effect of this responsibility that our clients have been under. That is why we are always focused on our clients. You can choose how much involvement you wish to have the process. Likewise, you can choose what is done to the remaining furniture. Often, items that remain in the home are sold,
donated to charity or disposed of. We can manage this in its entirely. In fact, we can even manage the disposal of hazardous household items and confidential documents which are professionally shredded to dispose of all personal items that have been left at the property. Once this is done, we will clean the house and prepare the garden so it is immaculately presented. This enhances its prospect for the sale or rental market. Some of our many services include:

  • Property management
  • Property maintenance
  • Managing renovations or large repairs
  • Dealing with Real Estate Agents to sell or rent properties

Our Approach: Estate Clearance Brisbane

At Property Clearance, we can manage all types of estate clearance Brisbane wide. Our services include deceased estate clearance, decluttering and general house clearance. Our team will conduct each stage of the estate management processes in close consultation with you and your family. You are free to choose how much you want to engage with the process. Our priority is to relieve you of the stress and responsibility than can come with each individual estate management situation.

1 Discuss your situation with us over the phone

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of your parent or loved one’s estate clearance, contact us. You can do this by calling us and scheduling in a 15-30 minute phone consultation. This consultation is a good time for you to explain your position to us. For example, you can tell us if you need help with a deceased estate clearance, house clearance or decluttering, plus any relevant information about the family wishes regarding the property and any time constraints you may be aware of.

2 We will issue you with a service outline and fixed-fee quote within 24 hours

Our phone conversation with you will give us enough information to start making a plan of action with regards to your own individual requirements. Our plan will take into account your situation and all of the details you gave us over the phone. When this plan has been developed, we will assess the services that are involved and discuss the plan of action with you. This then allows us to develop an accurate fixed fee quote. We will give you the quote, complete with a detailed outline of our services, within twenty-four hours.

3 If you confirm the quote, then we will begin work within two weeks

Once you have had a read through our service outline and quote, you can confirm the job if you wish to proceed with our estate clearance services. Within two weeks of confirmation, we will begin the clearance process. In most of our house clearances, we require three to five days of unrestricted access to the property to undertake all that is required for us to do to clear and clean the property for you. This allows us to properly and respectfully manage the clearance of possessions and furniture, as well as cleaning and maintenance. Within thirty days of the confirmation date, we can have the property ready for sale or rent.

Common House Clearance Brisbane Questions

I think there might be items of value in the property, but I have not been able to find them. Can you help?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

When we perform a Brisbane deceased estate clearance, we carefully go through all items in the house. This means that we usually do uncover items of value. These can include items such as cash, jewellery and even antiques. In fact, we often uncover valuable things that our clients were not aware of at all. If we uncover anything of value, we will inform you and provide you with the item in question. We have very strict guidelines in place to manage these situations. They are designed to ensure that all items of value are returned to our clients promptly.

I am feeling quite overwhelmed by my responsibility as executor. Can Property Clearance manage without me?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

At Property Clearance, our services are founded on compassion and integrity. As a part of this, we strive to relieve our clients of the stress that is often associated with their role as executor. We will require some involvement from you in the early stages to develop a service outline. If you accept our service outline, you can then choose how much you want to be involved. Our team has the experience to carry out the estate clearance on your behalf, if you would prefer. All of our Brisbane estate clearances are tailored around the needs of our clients, so we’ll always have the perfect solution for your situation.

Can some family members and I clear some of the property ourselves?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

Our Brisbane estate clearance services are completely customisable. This means that we can adapt to meet your needs as they arise. However, we advise against moving the contents of the estate yourselves. Of course, you will still remain involved in the process to the extent that you see fit. In particular, this includes identifying and removing items of sentimental value. Other items are best left to our team though. We have equipment that allows us to move as much property in two hours as you might be able to move in a whole day or more. Some clients request to move property themselves in an effort to save money. This is usually not a worthwhile endeavour, as the effort it takes is disproportionate to the money you will save.

I can’t seem to reach a conclusive agreement with some family members in terms of the house clearance approach. Can you help?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

We often encounter situations in which there is some disagreement among family members as to how the property clearance should take place. This is understandable, as it can be challenging to come to terms with the period after the loss of a loved one, or after their move into long-term care. While we can’t mediate these disagreements, we can provide you with a detailed outline of the approach we will take. This is often a good start, as it reassures everyone involved that the process will be well handled. We centre our Brisbane house clearance services on compassion and understanding with each families situation. As a result, you can rest assured that the process will be handled respectfully and professionally throughout from start to finish.

Are your deceased estate Brisbane services compatible with the responsibilities of having power of attorney?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

At Property Clearance, we know that being executor of an estate comes with great responsibility, that in some instances you can find quite overwhelming. You are in charge of managing assets, financial arrangements and more. A very important aspect of this is record keeping. Everything you do as executor of an estate must be recorded in most cases. This is something that our team keeps in mind. We aim to make your life easier when it comes to property clearance and management. As a part of our dedication to this, we will record the removal of each item from your property in detail. This means that you will have a solid point of reference, should you need it in the future.