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Deceased Estate Clearance in Newcastle

There is only one thing harder than organising a funeral for a loved one – cleaning out their home after they pass away. The months after a loved one’s death can be a very emotional and hectic time. You may find yourself overwhelmed with grief and facing a long-list of demands and to-dos that need to be adhered to.

If you would like some support with handling the administration of a deceased estate clearance, a helping hand is not far away. Here at Property Clearance, we help ease the burden on grieving families living in Newcastle with our tailored deceased estate clearance service. 

What Is Deceased Estate Clearance?

A deceased estate clearance is a service that helps families and executors of wills organise the entire contents of an estate following a loved one’s passing.

Compassionate Deceased Estate Clearance Experts in Newcastle

Our deceased estate clearance is respectful, compassionate and customised to your needs. We help you sort, declutter and preserve items of sentimental value. We’ll also clean your property until it’s immaculate and renovate it so it is ready for sale. Get in touch today for a free consultation with Bob Morton about your loved one’s deceased estate in Newcastle.

Our Advice On Newcastle House Clearance

Visiting your loved one’s home and sorting through their belongings can bring up lots of emotions. Naturally, some days are easier than others and it’s best to have a professional on hand who can help you remain objective and keep motivated.

Families usually underestimate the amount of work involved in clearing out a loved one’s estate. While the Newcastle house clearance process can be overwhelming, it’s a lot less overwhelming with an expert at your side. Our team of professionals can gently guide you through the steps. We consult with your family at every stage, giving you choice on how involved you would like to be in the process.

Our Approach: Deceased Estate Clearance in Newcastle

We offer our deceased estate clearance services throughout all suburbs of Newcastle. Providing compassionate support, we help alleviate the stress of organising your family member’s affairs and estate. 

1 Receive a free phone consultation

Call us for a 15-30 minute phone consultation about clearing your loved one’s estate. We’ll listen carefully to your family’s wishes and time constraints, and provide helpful advice about managing the process. 

2 Get a service outline and fixed-fee quote within 24 hours

Our phone consultation will provide the foundations for the plan of action we create. We’ll take into account your unique circumstances and needs to create a detailed service plan and accurate fixed fee quote. Expect to receive this quote and service outline in just 24 hours. 

3 If you confirm the quote, we’ll begin work within two weeks

Once you’re happy with the service plan, confirm the job to proceed. Within two weeks of confirmation, we’ll start the deceased estate clearance process. 

To complete the work, we’ll need between 3-5 days of unrestricted access to your property. We’ll have the property ready for sale or rent within 30 days of the confirmation date. 

Furniture Clearance in Newcastle

If the deceased estate contains possessions or antiques, it’s best to sell these pieces individually to yield the best price. Unfortunately, doing this on your own can take lots of time. With our furniture clearance service, we help you attain the very best price.

FAQs: Deceased Estate Clearance Newcastle

Are your deceased estate services in Newcastle compatible with the responsibilities of having power of attorney?2020-03-12T13:02:43+10:00

Acting as the executor of an estate can be a stressful position. You are in charge of managing assets, financial arrangements, the estate and record-keeping, with almost every decision you make recorded. Our team aims to make your life easier as executor, providing expert advice on property clearance and management, and recording the removal of each item from your property in detail. We provide you with transparent record-keeping in case you need it.

I can’t seem to reach a conclusive agreement with some family members in terms of the house clearance approach. Can you help?2020-03-12T13:14:34+10:00

We often encounter situations in which there is some disagreement among family members about the details of the Newcastle house clearance process. While we can’t mediate these disagreements, we can provide you with a detailed outline of the clearance approach we will take. This can help reassure everyone involved that the process will be well-handed. Rest assured, we will take a compassionate, respectful and professional approach to our work from start to finish.

Can some family members and I clear some of the property ourselves?2020-03-12T13:03:04+10:00

We strongly advise against attempting to move the contents of the estate yourselves. Why? The effort it takes and stress it causes is often disproportionate to the money you’ll save.

Our Newcastle deceased estate clearance services are 100% customisable and adapt to your needs. We can help you find and preserve items of sentimental value with minimal fuss. We’ve refined our process so it’s super-efficient. We have equipment that allows us to move as much property in two hours as you may be able to achieve in an entire day. We make our deceased clearance service as flexible, affordable and convenient for clients as possible.

I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by my responsibility as executor. Can Property Clearance manage without me?2020-03-12T13:03:04+10:00

The team at Property Clearance are guided by compassion, honesty and strict codes of integrity. We strive to relieve our clients of the stress involved with taking the role of executor of an estate. Our fully customisable service gives you the flexibility to choose how involved you’d like to be in the clearance process.

I think there might be items of value in the property, but I’ve not been able to find them. Can you help?2020-03-12T12:55:26+10:00

As part of our deceased estate clearance process, we carefully sort through all items in the estate. Often, this means we inevitably uncover valuable and sentimental items, including jewellery and antiques. Other times we find cash or other things our clients did not know about. If we discover a family heirloom or anything of value, we’ll immediately let you know. We have extremely strict guidelines in place to ensure all items of value are returned to our clients promptly.