A big part of our job at Property Clearance is helping clients de-clutter and clear out a property and make sure all sentimental and items of financial value are given to our clients. We try and take away the time and energy that would have overwhelmed you, our client, when sorting through a property. Over the years we have come across money hidden, antique guns and jewellery worth a lot of money, and all the families were grateful that we managed to locate these items. Looking through all with the pockets, books and knowing where to look has really made a difference when helping clients clear and clean out a property. With the items that are left behind in a property with a deceased relative, family can find that going through all items is an arduous task, therefore employing our services makes the process a lot easier and this way you are ensured to get the property completed in a short time frame so the house is completely ready for the sales or rental market.

As our staff are not emotionally attached to items that we sort through, if a relative is sorting through a household lot they can allow themselves to bare the full weight of personal and sentimental value of every possession, albeit personal, a memory, financial or small items that they then run the risk of burying themselves in the physical task of clearing out the property, and this can be for, as we have seen over time, a timely task that can take longer than anticipated by clients, who usually have initially started clearing through the items like clothes and food items, but when you employ our company all these items have a purpose to all the charities who will find the items no longer required in the property very beneficial in the community.

Although there is no ‘right time’ to sort through a persons personal belongings, it does make the whole task seem longer if you wait for a period of time to undertake the process. There are many items in a home that can ignite happy memories about the deceased person in their home, taking photos is a practical way of holding on to the memories rather than taking up endless storage in your own home.

Having a professional service come in and help you complete the process of clearing and cleaning out a home, knowing that you can trust that company, makes the whole process go a lot smoother and efficiently.