Before they come to us, many of our clients have already started boxing items up and removing items that they think need to be disposed of prior to engaging our services. Our complete package service is to relieve you of this task, and we understand that this can and will be an emotional time for you. Because we have no emotional attachments to the items within the home, our team move in and allocate where all the items within the home can be donated, if this is your request with some of the items. The full process of clearing and cleaning a property usually takes 3-4 days depending on the size of the property.

Items that may seem old and not trendy in todays market, will make a huge difference to those less fortunate in the community ie. domestic dispute crisis centres, helping teenagers who have left the foster care system, onating blankets, sheets and toiletry bags to the homeless. Every item within the home has a purpose and it is through working with these charities we see where the items can be most appreciated. All our donations have such a profound impact through our system known as the Pass It Forward Program that we would be happy to advise you of who the items have been donated to and how they have helped those on the community.

To make this process easier for you we come and meet you at the property and talk to you about your wishes and what you would like done with the items, how you wish them to be disposed of, items that you wish to be disposed of, items that you wish us to send to you or deliver to other family members. So if it is a property you need cleared and cleaned and prepared for the market, phone Property Clearance, a company you can trust to get the job done professionally and proficiently and in a timely manner.