We had a call recently by a daughter located interstate who was concerned about her elderly parents move who were relocating from Brisbane to Melbourne. We listened to what was required of us to undertake at the property, and although the couple had been in their home for over 20 years, we knew that the process was going to be a sensitive time for this couple to have to downsize and squeeze their possessions of a lifetime into an aged care facility.

We see this often. Elderly people having to dispose of their lifetime possessions, sometimes its hard to do, some find it easier, but with this couple, who were well into their 80’s surrounded by all their items, I could see at this age that all they were happy with was each other and nothing else mattered.

I turned up at the property with freshly baked scones, cream and jam. My main focus while staff were packing furniture on to one of our trucks to assist families who were in need, was to ensure that these people were comfortable with the transitioning to the next phase of their lives. In the end it all went smoothly, the daughter phoned our office, texted me and emailed me how grateful she was with our team dealing with the sensitivity of the move for her parents. This is what we find most of clients crave – time, trust and empathy during a move.

What I learned from this experience was that people, with all transitions in their lives just need time to evaluate what is right for them, as long as they are surrounded by love and feel they are being nurtured into the new surroundings, everything will fall into place and be the right outcome for them.

(Please note, we do not stipulate on our website or our facebook page ‘case studies’ or photos of our clients homes or moves as we find that this is such a personal transition for most people and privacy is one of the values we have in our company and for our clients).