You have recently come into possession of a property that needs to be cleared and cleaned out and prepared of the sales market. How we work is you would initially phone or Skype us and one of our staff will meet with you at the property to discuss with your intentions with all the items and what you would like done with the property. This is where we can advise you how the donations of such items can impact those in the community.

If there are items that are of significant value we would be happy to assist selling these on your behalf with our contacts with dealers and specific auction houses. We can dispose of cars, boats, caravans and any other larger items that are located at the property that is no longer required. An initial quote is then supplied to you with the breakdown process of what we will undertake. With various staff dedicated to certain areas in the clearing process, you can be assured that all items will be handled with respect and care.

So as you start looking through boxes, walking through the rooms and wondering where to start – phone us we would be happy to come and meet you and discuss your requirements and get the process underway for you and your family.