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“Thank you Property Clearance for your services clearing out our relatives room at the Retirement Village recently, especially given the time of the year. Property Clearance were prompt, efficient and courteous to deal with, not to mention value for money. It is especially comforting to know that the items removed were donated to worthy charities and community projects.”

Ian L (Jindalee)

“I could not have done it without the services of Property Clearance. Jude and her team were absolutely amazing, the quick responses, professionalism and constant contact exceeded my expectations. What an amazing service, cleaning my fathers house ready for sale, and providing a service to the community. I highly recommend Property Clearance for their services … thank you once again.”

Emili (Maroochydore)

Executor Of A Will

If you have recently assumed the responsibility as an executor of a will after the passing of someone close to you there is a lot to consider and the tasks and responsibilities can be complex and significant. This is often extremely difficult, as you are often dealing with the personal impact of losing a loved one and still grieving for that person. For many people, this can be overwhelming. At Property Clearance, we understand the challenges that you face as the executor of a will in these circumstances. We have a great deal of experience working with executors to help lessen their burden when it comes to their role as an executor. Our team is familiar with the strict guidelines surrounding your duties as an executor when it comes to the handling of property and related possessions. We will provide a respectful and compassionate service to help you discharge your duties as executor. Our priority is to provide you with support to make the task ahead of you less stressful.

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If you have recently been appointed executor of an estate, then we can help. At Property Clearance, we understand the responsibility that comes with your position, including all the duties of an executor and we offer a range of services to assist you. We can arrange to speak with you about your position, and develop an approach that works for you. Our services are founded on respect for those who have passed and compassion for family who are managing the affairs of the estate.

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Executor Of The Estate

Executor of the WillA significant aspect of your responsibilities as an executor of the estate relates to the handling of assets of the deceased. In most cases this will include a residential property and related possessions held within the property. Depending on the circumstances you may be required to ensure these assets are:

  • protected,
  • they are valued and the value is maintained,
  • the required information about the property and possessions is gathered to support the granting of the probate application,
  • records are kept through their disposal to ensure obligations to beneficiaries and other parties such as debtors of the estate and the Australian Tax Office are met,
  • key documentation is recovered from the residence such as details of financial accounts, insurance policies and records of asset ownership.

We would expect that you would be guided through this process by a suitably qualified legal representative, however, the completion of many activities will still rest with you. That is why, at Property Clearance we have a number of procedures to help our clients manage this process including the maintenance of the necessary records. Our procedures are centred on compassion, respect and assisting you to fulfil your duties as executor of a will.

Common Executor Of Will Questions

What will happen to household items that are not distributed?2020-09-03T22:58:41+10:00

Certain items in the home or estate are unlikely to be mentioned in the will. These types of items usually include clothes or basic household items within the property. At Property Clearance we can help you with these. As a part of our estate clearance services, we can arrange for these items to be removed and disposed of in an methodical order. We understand that it might not feel right to have them thrown out. That is why we have programs for their donation or to have all household items recycled, or repurposed. This essentially means that we can remove items that are not wanted or not provided for in the will, and donate them or recycle them within the community. We can also manage potentially hazardous substances such as household chemicals and cleaning products. As well as the confidential destruction of personal papers that are no longer required to be kept. With Property Clearance, you are assured of a complete, supportive, compassionate and respectful service.

How do I gather a list of possessions from the estate?2020-09-03T22:58:42+10:00

Normally, the estate property of the deceased person will have many possessions in it. These possessions are likely to have been collected over decades. As a result, it can be challenging to properly manage them alone. At Property Clearance we can help. We specialise in
deceased estate clearance and we provide a supportive and respectful service. Our team will work closely with you, as the executor of the will, to establish how each item is to be dealt with. We begin by ensuring that you and your family receive all items of emotional significance to you. Following this, we can methodically sort through the remaining items and put aside any items that we think may be of financial or sentimental value to you.

At Property Clearance, we understand the high degree of responsibility associated with your role as executor of a will. That is why we carefully a record each material item or possession that we encounter. This means that you have a detailed record of material belongings once the process is complete.

Who notifies you that you are the executor of a will?2020-09-03T22:58:42+10:00

The executor of a will is traditionally named in the will itself, however the executor of the will usually need to apply for probate before they can legally take any steps. Probate is essentially the legal authorisation to act on behalf of the deceased person. A probate hearing will normally be held in court to determine the legal executor of the will. The probate hearing will take into account several things. The foremost priority of the probate hearing, however, is to establish that the will in question is valid. To be valid, it must fulfil a certain set of legal criteria, and it must be the last will of the testator. When the hearing is complete, the court will conclude whether or not the executor of the will is to be granted probate. If you are granted probate, then you will be provided with the legal documentation known as letters of probate. These basically authorise you to assume the position of executor of the will.

Someone has passed in my family. What should I do now?2020-09-03T22:58:42+10:00

If someone has recently passed in your family, then your first step is to contact the holder of the will as they will be in charge of the financial and rational decisions when it comes to disposing of and working in compliance with the wishes of the deceased person. Traditionally, the deceased will request that the funeral is conducted in a certain manner. This request will be made in the will.

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